You and your organization want effective results, which may include:

  • Growth in sales, or services provided.
  • More efficient and profitable organization.
  • Improved customer service or quality of products.
  • Creating a high performing leadership or work team.
  • Teams who use differences to create innovative and productive outcomes.
  • Develop a new strategic direction or clarify the existing strategic direction.
  • Develop an organization that can do more with less, and keep the employees it needs.
  • Managers who can manage; employees who are committed to the organization’s success
  • Learn effective leadership and group decision making skills.
  • Develop consulting skills and experience.

Below are some of the results our clients have achieved:

Using the on-going team development process with the senior management team of a venture capital financed internet telephony software firm roles, responsibilities and decision-making processes were established over a period of 12 months. This enabled the business to successfully navigate the challenges of creating industry leading innovative products, identifying customer needs, and product sales. This business was successfully sold to another company.

Using the work redesign process an interdisciplinary team successfully redesigned the new product development process for a company that designs and manufactures telephone ‘bridges’ for conference calls. The redesigned process resulted in substantially faster redesign that better incorporated features customers needed.

Working with a state agency that was downsized, we helped redefine roles and responsibilities for the team and improve their communication to successfully carry out the mission of the agency with a smaller staff.

Two business partners of a $30 million company developed personal professional goals as well as organizational goals for business growth and expansion, including a strategic plan.

At a public radio station we helped create an improved work process and clear roles for program operations as a result of changes in Program Director role. Resulted in better communication and improved coordination among all program staff.

The development, design and delivery of a year long leadership training for substance abuse treatment and prevention professionals from New England. 2009-2010 represents the 7th year of this program, which has to date over 180 graduates.

We worked with a behavioral services company to address conflict between program managers and the medical director in providing services for their clients. Results included improved understanding of different needs and perspectives resulting in improved service for clinical clients.