This is NOT about moving the organizational boxes or reporting relationships. This IS about improving the fundamental work of serving external and internal customers. The outcome of an effective work redesign will create for your organization a work flow that is designed to be more efficient, responsive to changes, and jobs that are more rewarding and fulfilling. Whether this work involves processing an insurance claim, providing patient health care, or creating a more effective and efficient new product development process; the focus is on the process for delivering your services or manufacturing your products.

Effective work redesign will address two fundamental areas:

  1. Technical or work flow tasks
  2. Human needs and skills

We work with you to address both of the above with improving your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. Technical analysis identifies the steps involved in the existing work process, where the most significant problems and opportunities in the work process, and creating solutions to the problems with the work process. The human side of work redesign addresses the knowledge and skill needed to carry out each step, thus providing the opportunity to create more fulfilling jobs.