Strategic plans today require clarity and flexibility.

Organizations need clarity on their purpose (mission) and lightness on their feet to shift as the environment provides new challenges and opportunities.

We have created the Adaptive Strategic Planning (ASP) process to address these needs.


Involving key stakeholders with diverse perspectives in the planning process is essential and helps organizations see what opportunities and threats they may not see.

Clarity on the organizations purpose and direction are developed through vision, values, and purpose. Clarity on vision, values, and purpose provide guidance and boundaries for the organization, boundaries that may be essential in determining priorities and making decisions in times of ambiguity and change.

Creating plans with flexible goals that adapt to the environment are essential to creating a vibrant, responsive organization. The leadership challenge is to create goals and strategies that are consistent with the organizational vision and values and flexible enough to be changed as conditions change. Successfully achieving a plan with a clear vision, values, and purpose, and having flexible goals and strategies will result in a strategic plan that is used and not sitting in a binder on the shelf.

The final component of the ASP is creating a learning organization, what we call a complex adaptive system. This is an organization with a culture with some comfort with ambiguity and change, an organization that has numerous communication and feedback channels in which people listen, understand, and make reasoned judgments on what information requires action and what does not.

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