“Change is disturbing when it is done to us, exhilarating when it is done by us”.

Rosabeth Moss-Kanter,
Harvard Business School

Organization Development consulting follows a process that begins with an initial problem or opportunity.

This might include:

  • How to improve productivity and morale within a union/management workforce
  • How to address differences among professionals to improve operational efficiency
  • How to improve the new product design process –to both streamline and improve
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities for work and management teams

The basic model we use for organizational consulting is the action research model. Among the premise of this process is the collaborative agreement among key organizational stakeholders and the consultant as to what the problem/opportunities are, what data to collect, what the data means, and what action steps will move the organization forward or solve the problem.

A significant premise with organizational consulting is the value of joint diagnosis before taking action. This increases the likelihood of identifying the most important issues, creating cost effective action plans, and buy-in and follow through with action plans.

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