Coaching / Individual Consulting

We work with clients to help the person in their professional development and to increase their professional effectiveness. All of us are a product of our life and work experiences which form the foundation of our behavior. We respect your experience and seek to build on your foundation to further your development. In some cases, an effective coaching relationship can ‘accelerate’ the development process through clear, direct feedback and expanding the perspectives you are able to utilize.

Results of Coaching Work May Include:

  • Further understanding of the executive management role and responsibilities. This may include the responsibilities for strategic direction, leadership of staff, and the development of an effective management team.
  • Develop greater insight into your individual leadership/management/communication style-as well as the benefits and limitations of that style.
  • Further development of your leadership skill by expanding the perspectives you use to diagnose problems and issues and increasing the range of solutions to those problems and issues.
  • We will address specific problems, challenges, dilemmas, and real issues you face. This moves the discussion from the theoretical to the practical.



As Executive Director of Pine Tree Society and even before I took over this position in 2004, I have had the privilege of working with Peter. Peter has been a valuable resource to me and Pine Tree Society as a facilitator for board and staff meetings and workshops and as an executive coach… Read more…
Anne Marsh, Executive Director, Pine Tree Society, Bath, ME